Monday, July 9, 2012

CBC radio interview airs tomorrow

An interview I did with Grant Lawrence with the CBC for the show "The Wild Side" is airing tomorrow (Tuesday July 10) at 11:30am nationally, re-airing on Friday at 7:30pm.

I hope some of you get a chance to listen. Cheers...have fun!

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  1. Hi Hayley,

    I heard your interview this morning. I LOVE it when I discover fellow kiwis who also made their way here through pure adventure! I've been here since 2006, after marrying a Canadian I met while cycling Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego.... living a more sedate life of kids and a mortgage now, and about as far as I got with interviews was Wayne Mowat on RNZ! Well done for living your dream and keeping the adventure alive! Look us up next time you're in Ottawa! Jamie Baynes