Thursday, October 11, 2012

The bears are back in town

Ahhhh.....finally, a video clip which displays our rapidly departing summer and our immediate arrival of fall and winter. How quickly the scenes around Churchill have changed.
Enjoy this 4 minute video consisting of a lone Grey wolf moving curiously across the Tundra, our close encounter with Caribou and the delightful rusty reds and firey oranges as the fall colours drench our Tundra flora.

I'm about to fly to Winnipeg to pick up my first of 7 groups. I've been in Churchill since June 2nd and although I'm excited to switch gears and put on my guiding hat after wearing my restaurant apron....I'm reluctant to leave this small Northern town. I shall be back soon enough with 15 people in tow and bears will be our primiary focus.

I hope to continue posting a blog here and there so keep your eyes open for images, video clips and hopefully a story.

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